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A free resource for your caregivers!

This project – eBook and website – will include messages for strength, courage, resilience, and hope from healthcare leaders. These will be compiled into an eBook and a website available to you and every other healthcare organization at no cost –a wonderful gift for you to give your people going into what will be a very challenging new year. Please join us by adding your message. Your contribution might include:

  • A personal message of gratitude and encouragement from you to the caregivers of the world

  • A story from your own organization that reflects the importance of the work people do

  • A favorite quote, prayer, or snippet from a poem and why it inspires you

  • Practical ideas for coping with stress and anxiety

Specifications: Submission should be 500-1,000 words. Include a title and your photo.

Optional: Include a picture reflecting strength and resilience from your organization.

Deadline: January 29, 2021 to be included in the initial launch.

Submit to: Joe Tye at

Famed graphic artist M.J Hiblen created the iconic image on the cover as well as some of the internal illustrations.

Joe Tye is CEO of Values Coach. He is creator of the Everyday Courage for Extraordinary Times project and author of 12 books including The Florence Prescription: From Accountability to Ownership and (with Bob Dent) Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare and The Heart of a Nurse Leader.

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